I.Q., E.I., A.I., what does it all really mean?

Acronyms can be so confusing, can’t they?

We see so many in everyday life and they are used in abundance in the ‘world’ of leadership development.

Books of significant size and (physical) weight are published, it seems in an endless stream from those who have (often self-declared) skill and expertise in the subject of leadership and they send strong, profound and assertive messages about how to be a really GREAT leader!

If there is so much material available, why do so many of us find the transference of recommended tips and techniques from text book (or blog, tweet, LinkedIn ‘key message’ or video) to the workplace so difficult?

As an executive coach, based in Dubai, I am privileged to work with some exceptional leaders, who operate across a wide range of sectors from sportswear to sovereign fund management.

I’ve learned a lot from them over the 7 years I’ve been in the MENA region.

Prompted by the often, over-complicated and confusing messages that are transmitted by those, who are typically not leaders themselves, I want to share some of the ‘Top 10’ common characteristics of good leaders. They are:

1. Outstanding self-awareness and an ability to adapt their behaviour according to the situation

2. Courage of commitment and belief in their capabilities

3. Excellent relationship management skills

4. Humility and a desire to continuously learn and actively seek feedback.

5. Working hard – recognising there is no substitute

6. Honest and authentic, by not trying to be anything but themselves

7. Desire to get results, by utilising and motivating others.

8. Ability to ‘bounce-back’ from disappointment or failure – having personal resilience

9. Developing others to be better than they are

10. Determination by never giving up

Really, no B.S.