UAE –based Specialist Engineering/legal consultancy: Managing Director Coaching

Supporting the MD of the MENA Region on a 1 to 1 Coaching basis, addressing the key issues for the individual and the senior regional team in the region, including the business’ growth & development and the management teams’ performance and capabilities.

UAE Bank: Senior Directors Executive Coaching

Martin has (to date) worked with 7 senior executives on 1 to 1 executive coaching programmes, where a common theme has been supporting them in transitioning into new, senior-level positions. Managing change, creation of new, customer-centric strategies and organizational structures to deliver exceptional service levels, have also been recurring characteristics of each individual programme.

MENA Global Professional Services: Senior Partners Executive Coaching

Part of an international leadership development initiative, Martin was commissioned to work with two Practice Leaders in the UAE on a 1 to 1 basis, to facilitate their personal development, contributing directly to the Region’s professional growth and success. His selection was partly based on his deep understanding of regional business culture and his track-record of working with a diverse range of ethnic groups.

UAE based Global Investment Organisation: Individual Career Transition Coaching

To date, Martin has worked with 5 senior executives within the organisation which operates from Abu Dhabi, but has truly global influence. Supporting the organisation’s rapid growth and accompanying culture-shift, executives (and their teams) are faced with transitioning from operational to strategically-focussed roles and responsibilities. He is continuing to work with the client in supporting their objectives through the provision of tailored 1 to 1 Executive coaching programmes and bespoke team development intervention.

International Pharmaceuticals Business: Managing Director Coaching

With the need to manage high growth across the business’ UK and Asian facilities, Martin worked on a 1 to 1 basis with the MD of this specialist pharmaceuticals organization, supporting his transition into a new, broader and more challenging role, developing his capability in managing significant organizational change and delivering growth and improved product quality in two diverse geographies and cultures .In addition to transitioning the organization’s growth, the MD was supported in fulfilling his role as the ‘external face’ of the company to prospective new clients in the Asian and European markets, managing and developing key client relationships in tandem with organizational development and performance.

International Services Group: Coaching the Business Development Director

An internal appraisal process conducted by the company identified some key development needs for the business development director of this £500m turnover business unit within a £6bn international services group. Working closely with the BDD, Martin was able to support him in his development needs. The BDD has subsequently been promoted to the MD role for the unit, which now has a turnover of over £1bn. In his BDD and MD roles, coaching was provided to develop his skills in securing, retaining and developing the key clients, who typically held the authority for decision-making for multi-million pound outsourcing contracts.

International Services Group: International Security Services Director Coaching

Faced with a role that had international responsibility but highly dependent on influencing skills to achieve consistently high standards across 120 countries, the Director concerned worked with Martin to develop his skills, ensuring he secured recognition, credibility, support and commitment to processes and policies on a global basis.

Nuclear Services: MD and IT Director

Martin worked with the MD and IT Director of a £100m nuclear services business. Both of his clients had been recently appointed to their positions in the newly-formed nuclear services organization, formed by the acquisition of three independent businesses. Issues he helped them with included strategy definition and implementation, culture change and organizational effectiveness to deliver performance within this highly-regulated sector.

Major European bank: “High potential” managers

As the leading coach/consultant for a ‘high potential’ managers’ programme in a major European bank, Martin facilitated group coaching sessions utilizing the Life Orientations behavioural model which helps to identify individuals’ preferred behavioural strengths (and weaknesses) to help develop their capabilities to operate highly effectively at senior level.

Leading UK vehicle leasing business: Business Development Director

Martin worked with this client to unearth and identify those behaviours that were contributing to his inability to secure a position at the operating board level. The client is continuing to operate successfully as a Business Development Director, but now at Board level.

Facilities Management Company: Sales and Marketing Director

Martin worked closely with this client to help him understand the behaviours that he and his colleagues were demonstrating that were undermining their relationship. He then supported the necessary changes in behaviour, to secure his colleagues’ support and to enjoy a far more constructive and positive relationship. The client has recently completed his best sales performance for the last 3 years.