A Career Transition programme is offered by organizations to employees who have been affected by impacted by downsizing or layoffs. It is intended to assist with the transition from the former position of employment through exploration of new opportunities leading to a new role.

Why Employers should offer one.

During any time of job reductions the “survivors” are likely to feel less secure in their jobs and so increased stress. In many cases this leads to less engaged employees. This may lead to decreased productivity or higher turnover in the very talent you most need to retain.
Offering a Career Transition programme demonstrates to remaining employees their colleagues were treated fairly and supported.

There are several key benefits to offering a Career Transition Programme:

  • Increased retention for remaining employees
  • Improved morale and productivity, and reduced absenteeism following layoff
  • Maintained or enhanced market reputation

Our programmes are designed to work with the individual to address their career needs after exit, help identify and understand their strengths, assess their career planning, and put these plans into action to secure their new goal , which can be an employed or self-employed role opportunity

Each programme is tailor-made and a professionally matched coach will work with the candidate to guide him/her through a number of steps designed to:

  • explore their values and goals (where appropriate we use assessment instruments e.g. Life Orientations www.lifeorientations.com to:
  • assess the current market for their experience
  • identify strengths and how to package these into a “personal brand” (through their CV, online i.e. LinkedIn and in person through their “elevator pitch”)
  • build networking skills (online and face-to-face)
  • improve interview techniques, using ‘mock’ interviews
  • enhance their negotiation skills when a job offer is secured