Results through Relationships


Martin has been my coach for several months and I would highly recommend him. He helped me improve my soft skills and guided me through the journey. He rapidly understood my expectations from the coaching sessions thanks to his great listening skills and always provided me with the right advice in preparation of challenging meetings and / or situations. I found Martin being very analytical, detail oriented and resourceful. He is also open minded and intuitive in addition to having an empathetic personality that makes him a very pleasant and competent person to work with.
Karim Alem, Vice President Sales & Marketing Middle-East & Africa

Martin is an amazing leadership coach and a great person to interact with. He enjoys a very calm and composed personality. He worked with me as an executive coach and provided me with valuable insights on leadership principles and practices. He has huge amount of experience that he utilizes to create value for his clients. One of the best qualities I observed in Martin is his patience and listening power. He listens well and process information received to come to logical conclusions. He has a high level of empathy and can easily connect with his clients through building relationship of trust and dependability.
He not only is a great professional but is also a very good human being. I am extremely glad to know and work with him.
Nayab Yusuf, FCA, CFE,CISA, Vice President – International Controller CEMEA region at Visa

After 13 years as CEO of a successful regional organisation, I have embarked on a new career path. Fortunately I was introduced to Martin and have been working with him for the last month. Apart from being a thoroughly decent human being his skills, wisdom and experience as an Executive Coach have proven to be immensely beneficial in guiding me, helping me to focus and put some direction in to the numerous ideas that were racing around in my head! His advice is always well considered and sound and he has that great ability to help me reach my own conclusions and to formulate my own solutions.
In the relatively short time Martin has been coaching and advising me we have developed a very good and open working relationship. I always leave our sessions with a new sense of purpose, excitement and determination.
Thank you Martin – you have made a tremendous difference and impact.
Ernest Hosking, Retail chain CEO and Chartered Accountant.

Martin has been a great coach working with us (London Business School) out in Dubai and has consistently delivered some great workshops to our Senior Executive MBA students. I can recommend Martin as a solid facilitator who has delivered sessions on Presentation Skills and Personal Impact for us over the last 3 years.
David Medawar, Assistant Director at London Business School

Martin coached me during a period when I and my team were going through major transitions both operationally and strategically. Working with Martin helped me focus on the key areas for successful outcomes (again for me and the organisation). He also helped me with some very specific areas of personal development that were holding back my professional profile and leadership presence. Martin has an informal but professional approach, combining excellent listening skills with direct, challenging and incisive questioning, that were always supporting on my specific development needs.
Vinay Nair, Director, Presonal Banking Credit

I have been coached by Martin for one year. This is when my role was changed from Head of Consumer Operations to the Chief Admin officer for the company. My new role came with increased responsibilities that crossed all business verticals across all the departments of the company. This was a new experience and I was being exposed to matters which I had never handled. He used to share his own previous experiences and challenges which would help me to understand and evaluate my own encounters at work. I then used to related and workaround to overcome those challenges.
Martin’s coaching was instrumental for me in successfully going through this major transition in my career.
Siddiqa Abbas, Chief Operations Officer at ADCB


Honesty, openness, integrity and humility are Martin Braddock's primary personal and professional qualities.