Results through Relationships

Executive Recruitment

We offer both Search and Selection as different routes to recruitment solutions – but do not believe that the two are necessarily exclusive.

Our expertise is mainly at operating board, resourcing general management, functional head and senior specialist levels whilst there is no speciality in terms of sector. In recent years we have become increasingly involved with assignments across the Middle East & South East Asia.


Often referred to as “headhunting” this is the most effective method of identifying candidates where specific areas of experience are needed. Search requires a rigorous and systematic approach with the quality of research paramount.


This is used when search may not be the most appropriate method – typically where the candidate specification is very broad. It is based on targeted advertising in the appropriate media to attract candidates from different sectors in addition to people seeking positive career moves.

Why us?

A 30 year-plus  track record with a team of consultants, each of whom has had considerable experience outside recruitment and bring a varied range of expertise.

We are one of the few practices with an ‘in-house’ research facility comprising of a team with many years experience of candidate sourcing, together with an impressive network of contacts and an extensive database.

Honesty, openness, integrity and humility are Martin Braddock's primary personal and professional qualities.